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Interview with VistaPages’ President, Kaumil Patel

February 24th, 2012 by George

What would be your company’s main strength?

I would definately have to say that our company’s main strength is the ability to provide and maintain a top-notch level web hosting service to our customers, this includes both the reliability of our service and the effectiveness of our customer service.

What makes your company different than other web hosting companies?

We don’t just offer a service, we offer multiple services. We’re able to scale with the growth of our customers, and that’s key in the success of this marketplace. We understand that customers will eventually outgrow their “shared hosting” service, and so we offer multiple avenues in which the customer can grow into. Being able to offer our customers everything they need for hosting seamlessly, is what makes us different.

How would you define “Web Hosting”?

A lot of people ask me this, and I would have to agree with how you put it in of your own articles. It’s a lot like an apartment building that rents out apartments. The web host builds the space, and the customers rent space.

What is your target market?

We primarily target small-to medium-sized businesses, and of course the individuals looking to create a web presence for their own personal use. We do however take on several corporate customers that require high-end hosting for their demanding applications. We scale all the way from the simple web site all the way up to the complex hosting applications.

What is one thing that keeps you up at night?

Ideas! You know, I am always thinking of ways to improve the service that VistaPages offers, from making the existing services better to creating new ones. You’d think that I would be fast asleep, infact I have hard time sleeping every night because my mind still keeps on crunching out ideas, does it bother me… nope!

As President, what value do you bring to the company?

Experience and strategic business contacts. Those are probably why VistaPages has grown to be a succesful web hosting provider in today’s competitive market, but that’s not all, it would be selfish for me to take all the glory. Our team has contributed countless number of hours helping customers and looking for ways to improve on providing an overall better service to our customers, it’s because of them that this company is still around — if I did it alone, it probably would not have lasted this long.

Could you give us an insight as to what is coming in the future for VistaPages?

We’re listening to our customers demands, and we’re going to try and meet all of them, which includes Windows-based hosting, adding a larger array of customer support representatives to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, all-in-all, just listen to the customer and work to improve every day. What will come from VistaPages is what our customers want.

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