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midPhase Review

February 26th, 2012 by George

midPhase has been providing services since mid-2003. Like other host’s their main focus is customer satisfaction. They currently have 2 web hosting packages, but their best-seller, and the one that I signed up to was the Pro-Phase package. They are offering 15GB of web space, 500GB of monthly data transfer for $7.95 per month. midPhase also offers other hosting services such as Windows hosting and Virtual Private Servers.

Price Value

We signed up for the Pro-Phase web hosting package, which starts at $7.95 per month and includes 15GB of web space, 500GB of monthly data transfer, a free domain name, unlimited e-mail accounts and the works. This is a fully featured account that even has tools for the most experienced Web Developer. They also offer Fantastico, which is a system that allows you to auto-install several dozen scripts, like calenders, forums, etc.


The service at midPhase in terms of uptime was superb. I did not have a problem with having my site down, or at least I didn’t notice it. However, I did notice at times that the servers were slow from time to time, but they did a good job of communicating to me, what the issue was and they did resolve it fairly quickly. So that was impressive. They use powerful Intel servers, with Raid technology. This means redundant storage, they also do backups weekly. Their servers are located in the Equinix Datacenter in downtown Chicago, down the street from their headquarters.

Control Panel

midPhase uses a heavily modified version of the cPanel control panel, it almost seems like it’s not cPanel! They’ve done a neat job of categorizing the functions of the control panel to make it easier for the user to find and complete tasks. You’ll be able to administrate your e-mails, check your web site statistics, add sub-domains, and more from the control panel, virtually ending the need to send in a ticket or call them up.

Customer Service

midPhase is one of those few elite in this category. They are open 24/7 with live chat, e-mail technical support and telephone technical support. They will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, in some cases, giving free years, refunding after the 30-day money back guarantee, and giving service credits. Customer service is a problem you’re not going to have with midPhase.

User Reviews

Kim: I agree, 85% – With the exception of the customer service. The outsourced guys seem to be pretty good, pretty responsive, but after having my site go down 8 to 10 times a day for over two weeks, and pointing this out to one of the owners, he not only publicly challenged me in a very defensive manner, but insisted that the 5 different site monitoring companies I use for redundancy were ALL wrong. Finally, after going into full screech mode, I got him to move my site to another server.

This went sort of well, had to do a LOT of restoration on my own, but at least it wasn’t crashing 10 times a day. Last 7 months have been fine, no issues, but recently started the same thing again.

I contacted support, who informed me rather blithely that there was a “bad apple” on the shared server, and he was overloading the server with scripts. They then told me he had been “warned” – Uh, thanks.

The situation continues. It has now been 3 weeks with a total of 84% uptime, and an amazingly consistent weekend downtime, when my business needs the site most. They have refused the credit I suggested, but have offered to move me again. ARGH. Took me a week to recover from the last move!

Despite asking (rather logically I thought) why they didn’t remove the “bad apple” rather than moving everyone else, they didn’t reply.

Still having the same constant downtime problem, and considering that one of the site monitors notifies me via cell phone text message, every 5 minutes, nearly on the verge of divorce because of the constant beeping when the site crashes yet again.

Because of the absolute awful experience of the public dressing down the first time, I’m terrified to go back to the help boards where the owners are again.

So I dither, while the cell phone beeps and my customers can’t find me…

Other than that, no issues, good package, good value. Great for a developer, when the site is up anyway.

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