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VistaPages Review

February 26th, 2012 by George
These guys are definately my #1 pick for a web hosting provider!Price Value: 5 / 5
Reliability: 5 / 5
Control Panel: 4.5 / 5
Customer Service: 5 / 5

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VistaPages has been around the industry since late 2004. According to their President, is quite straight forward; “to provide products & services with first-class customer service available at competitive prices.” From my experience, that is exactly what they do, and they do it will. They don’t only provide shared web hosting, but also reseller, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, game servers and colocation services. So they offer a great deal of services for all types of web hosting customers, this is a good thing — they will be able to scale with you as your web hosting demands increase. Our focus for this review is their shared web hosting package called the VistaDeal, which starts at $6.95 per month for 35GB of web space and 1000GB of monthly data transfer.

Price Value

At the time of sign up, VistaPages had 3 plans, however they have now consolidated into a single plan offering, named the VistaDeal. It certainly is a “deal”, offering 35GB of web space, 1000GB of monthly data transfer, free domain name unlimited POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts, subdomains, and parked domains. If you thought that was enough, they offer the ability to host up to eight (8) entire web sites on a single package. That’s about $0.77 per month per domain hosted! I told you it was a “DEAL”  They also offer Fantastico, which bundles several dozen ready-to-install scripts, including software such as WordPress, OSCommerce, ZenCart, Mambo/Joomla, etc. When it comes to the price value, you’re getting everything and more from this package.


At the time of sign up, VistaPages was having issues with the server that I was on. I asked to be moved to a more reliable server and they did so. I was told that the server that I was on previously was troubled due to some abusive users, and later informed me that the server was stable again. After being moved to the newer server, I was always able to access my e-mail and web site whenever I needed. I didn’t notice any downtimes either. The network upgrades/maintenance periods were communicated well to us, so we have no complaints in this department. From their web site, their servers are located in downtown Toronto, in a carrier hotel. They use high-powered Dual Xeon servers with a minimum of 2GB ECC Reg memory.

Control Panel

VistaPages, like most web hosting companies, utilize the cPanel control panel. They have an integrated SiteBuilder, which is very cool for the newbies that don’t know what they are doing. The control panel loads up very fast and is definately user friendly. You will be able to manage everything from your e-mail, statistics, your files, and more. They are using one of the World’s most popular control panel’s, so again, no complaints here.

Customer Service

VistaPages offers a 24/7 service via live chat and e-mail. I have noticed that their live chat is responded to within 30-seconds, and their e-mail support tickets are responded to within 15-30 minutes, the longest was 1 hour. So they are pretty speedy. They do have telephone reps answering the phones during Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST, so if you really need to get a hold of them, they are available toll-free. Their main priority is focusing on customer satisfaction, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and will often offer credits and help you out further if they dissapointed you in anyway, very friendly and a great company to deal with!

User Reviews

Paula Francis: I decided to give vistapages a try when I saw their ad on google, because of their cheap price! I wasn’t expecting much, but then again, I never used them before! A very good host. I have moved all my domains to them now.

Gregory: I have had a web site with these guys for over 1 year and I cannot say how overwhelmed I am with the quality of service they provide for only $7 bucks a month! I definately have to agree with this review!

Mike: I have found varied results with vistapages, for most of the time they are nicely sufficient, however it does have a few downfalls. You seem to be unable to add on extra services to your hosting, such as wanting to add on another domain, you will have to upgrade to the next package instead. I find their download speed to be around 400kb/s, while this is pretty good, it would be nice if it was able to max out my 8Mb connection. They have recently closed their forums which I found very irritating, as I often go on there to sort out or find if there are any server problems rather than submiting a ticket for every minor thing, and it is nice to see other peopls opinions on them (probably why they closed them down!). Their technical support can often under estimate the intelligence of their customers, and often their advice is ‘mickey Mouse’ for those that want more technical help. The webhosting is not always that reliable, as the servers do sometimes slow down, hard drives become full to name a few.
These points aside, they do provide alot of extra features in the control panel which I have grown fond of, and for the price which I got the years hosting for (a package that is no longer available however and was about $4/month) I was pleased. However since my need for more customisabilty and more reliable hosting have changed over the last year, I believe I will be seeking a new host when this year expires.

Darin O’Bitts: I can’t believe someone has anything but nice things to say about Vistapages web hosting. I have been in the hosting business for over 15 years. I have hosted with the most expensive and the cheapest. The service that they offer is very exceptional. I have hundreds of web sites in ownership at this time and I am relocating all of them to Vistapages. I have worked for such companies as IBM, Lucent, Lockhead Martin, Disney and Time Warner. As A Senior Network Engineer and Developer I find Vistapages outstanding and wish them many years of continued success.
Sincerly, Darin O’Bitts

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